Chord Overstreet

Dinner and a Movie || Overgron

Their first show had gone very well. Everyone landed their notes correctly and followed the choreography. Not that it mattered, though; everyone would just laugh it off and continue on with the song. Some the cast had agreed on dinner before heading back to the hotel, and Chord was more than happy to get off the stage and sit in front a plate full of food—not that he hated performing, he was just extremely hungry. He, Cory, Mark, and Harry piled into a cab, meeting the girls at the restaurant. The drive was quick and they arrived within minutes. Another cab pulled up behind them, and one by one, Dianna, Lea, and Amber stepped out.

Chord waited for Dianna to join him before giving her a smile and following the rest of the gang inside. The hostess led them to a table in the back; it was quieter and more private. Chord, being the southern gentleman that he is, pulled out Dianna’s seat for her before taking one of his own across from her. 

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